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My Greek Taverna!
FAMILY and friends used to troop to their house every day to have a taste of the authentic Greek food they would prepare in their kitchen. With the head of the family of Greek descent, and possessing remarkable culinary talent at that, it was only expected that many were lured by the wafting smell of herbs, vegetables and tzatziki sauce in their home.
It wasn’t long before the hospitable (a trait that’s oh-so Greek) couple, Panny and Marnelli Kyriakopoulos, decided to pursue a food venture using recipes that have been passed on in Panny’s family for generations, and which are well loved by their family and friends in Cebu.
In April 7 of this year, the couple’s My Greek Taverna (formerly La Taverna) was opened. Taking inspiration from the street-side tavernas of Europe, My Greek Taverna is a small kiosk with al fresco dining, located in the heart of the city. (A taverna is a small restaurant serving Greek cuisine, not to be confused with “tavern.”)
A couple whose main line of business is in the furniture industry, Panny and Marnelli consider My Greek Taverna “their baby,” a hobby of sorts through which they share authentic Greek cuisine to more Cebuanos.
Panny and Marnelli themselves do the pre-mixing daily. Panny makes at least three liters of yoghurt everyday while Marnelli makes the sauces—assuring that their taverna’s dishes are served fresh.
Bestsellers are the kebabs and gyros (say it properly now: ‘yeer-oh’) that diners can choose to be filled with either chicken or pork, and either with hot sauce or none.
For those not yet quite accustomed to Greek cuisine, he or she can start off with the rice kebab, which basically has the same mixture except that it’s served with rice rather than wrapped in a kebab.
Health buffs will be delighted with the salads that are topped with generous servings of feta cheese. Another “healthy” must-try is the vegetarian pita that is filled with the delicious-tasting falafel, or chickpea balls.
Marnelli said that the taverna also has weekly specials that serve as add-ons to the regular menu. These are the pastitsio, which is lasagna savored with herbs and spices, and the Mezze Platter, which consists of pita slices, sided with three choices of herb dips. These specials are prepared by Marnelli herself, and are changed regularly.
The couple said they stick to the Mediterranean way of preparation by using only natural ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and Kalamata olives. What’s surprising is that despite such ingredients, My Greek Taverna’s price range is from P185 to P215 only.
My Greek Taverna is in the open space of Mango Square Mall along Mango Ave., Cebu City. It is open from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily.
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